“You are all child abusers”…THEY TRIED TO SILENCE HIM But This Conservative Fighter Let The School Board Have It [Video]

The Loudoun County School Board tried everything to keep Matt Walsh from speaking at their meeting.

They changed the rules so that he had to rent a property in Virginia to qualify as a resident.

He had to wear a mask and limit his speech to one minute.

It was clear that they didn’t want him commenting on LGBT and critical race theory propaganda.

Matt Walsh was outstanding in his 60-second takedown!

Matt Walsh: They only give you 60 seconds to speak, they won’t show the speakers on the live stream, they make you wear a mask, and all of that after requiring ID and proof of residence to enter. They put up every obstacle they could, but I still said my piece.

Matt Walsh was interviewed about his appearance:

“If education is not grounded in truth, it is pointless. Worse, it is poison.”

Read the full post at 100 Percent Fed Up.

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