WOW! Media Ignores Cringe-worthy Photo Of Biden Where He Appears To Be Pinning A Woman Against A Railing At Congressional Ball Game Last Night

Last night, Joe Biden made an appearance at the Congressional baseball game at the National’s ballpark in Washington DC.

Even at the center of the Swamp, the very unpopular “president” was met with fans shouting  ‘boo!’ from their seats in the stadium.

Here’s a video showing the huge crowd booing Joe:

Curiously, a cringe-worthy image of Joe Biden, (who is well-known for invading the space of women and young girls) shows him pinning a woman against a railing last night isn’t getting any attention from our dishonest media or from the #MeToo leftist women.

“Catturd,” a popular comedic figure on Twitter tweeted the image and wrote: “The creepy weirdo just can’t help himself.”

His tweet got some hilarious replies, like the photoshopped image of Biden in the stands with his arm around a young, disinterested woman.

Try to imagine President Trump pinning a woman up against a railing like Joe Biden is seen doing in the image above. Do you really believe the only place you’d see the image is on 100 Percent Fed Up?


Read the full post at 100 Percent Fed Up.

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