Grace Curley had a great piece in the Daily Mail on Friday reciting the numerous reasons why Democrat Hillary Clinton is unlikable, both, as a person and as a political candidate and why- if/when she runs for POTUS, we already know she is going fail.

“The track records of movie sequels and television reboots of 90’s sitcoms are littered with flat-out failures. Generally retreads are more indicative of lazy Hollywood dimwits trying to recapture past glory than of any compelling reason to regurgitate old ideas. Did you ever see The Hangover Part II? How about Part III?” Curley wrote about Clinton’s much-anticipated reemergence into politics as a presidential candidate in 2024.… KEEP READING…

The post Why ‘Hillary Runs for President 3’ would be the biggest flop of the decade appeared first on Populist Press ©2022.

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