We Love Pregnancy Centers — And So Do The Women They Serve!

Posted: Jan 15, 2022 12:01 AM

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The abortion lobby isn’t exactly known for being kind or truthful. That’s why we see them labelling something as ghoulish as abortion as “empowerment” and something as empowering as Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) as “deceptive.” What’s so bad about providing amazing resources to women in need again? Here are the top three reasons you should love and support pregnancy resource centers:  These centers provide many resources free of charge. Unlike Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities who like to fleece women during their hard times, PRCs understand that women in unplanned pregnancies do not need to be worrying about finances. That’s why their services are typically free of charge—and these include important items, like baby food, diapers, daycare assistance, etc. PRC staff get to know you and your baby on a personal level. When a woman steps into an abortion facility, she is just another credit card to swipe. Once her abortion is committed, she is forgotten. In an amicus brief by Care Net Pregnancy Center, it was written:  “Former abortion clinic doctors and clinic managers have verified the negligence and dereliction of abortion clinics… Surgery is scheduled over the phone, it is assumed that the mother decided to have an abortion before she arrives, consent is taken for surgery, payment is made without any counseling, and no regard is given to the mother’s interest in her relationship with her child…Thus, there is no physician-patient relationship at abortion clinics.”  PRCs don’t work like that—they exist to strengthen and encourage women. When a pregnant woman walks through their door, her name is asked and remembered. One-on-one, she is talked through all the ways that the PRC can help her. She gains more than counseling and material items—PRCs provide women with personal support from people who really care. The women who use PRCs swear by them. We can’t say it better than the women who have happily used the PRCs. According to a 2020 study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, “Heartbeat International [a PRC] affiliated centers equally reported positive client satisfaction of 99.6 percent on average per center through client exit surveys.” The data was taken from about 2,100 pregnancy centers.  Additionally an Amicus brief from Human Coalition and National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) revealed: “Over 95% of clients are satisfied with these services, saying they would recommend them to friends and family.”  In contrast, Planned Parenthood’s approval ratings don’t look too hot. Here are a couple scathing Yelp reviews from women who felt belittled, abused and hurt by Planned Parenthood.  Alison in North Carolina, 2019: “Experienced the worst in women’s reproductive and mental healthcare here. The clinic manager was cold and not helpful after a screw up on their end leaving someone close to me in a very precarious and vulnerable situation. Their nurses are ill-equipped and under trained for the level of care they’re expected of.” Jennifer in California, 2021: “Terrible they treat you as if it’s like a DMV or ordering food. I arrive time I’m told they say u can sit first off I’m not a dog you can politely say please have a seat I’ll call you when I’m ready. 10 min later I’m still sitting.” Tee in New York, 2021: “I’ll keep this short because I hate having to relive the experience. There are certain staff members who should be retrained in beside manor, compassion and just overall knowledge when they’re communicating with patients. I went here to terminate a pregnancy. The information I was given was by the sonographer was totally incorrect. I was told that I was 7 weeks and that it was a bad pregnancy because she couldn’t find the fetus. My experience in having the procedure was unpleasant. The anesthesiologist’s bedside manor was horrible and I felt very rushed in recovery and never received actual discharge papers. The following week I followed up with my GYN with a sonogram and was told that I was STILL pregnant… Heart broken and devastated. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.” These gut-wrenching reviews show just how badly women are treated by the abortion industry. They reporte …

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