The following story and video were shared by MacIver News Service. The Wisconsin Senate Health Committee recently held a public hearing for five bills that would prevent the discrimination of people who have not received the Covid-19 vaccine. Two of the bills would ban vaccine passports in Wisconsin. According to Maclver News Service, Sen. Tim […]

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Bill Andrews
Bill Andrews
7 days ago

Well I think in all this vaccine confusion In my opinion I’d just tweak for Example the mRNA Vaccine I’d just tweak and cut a Bit more of the Hydrocholride> acid salt and Boost a bit more of the Tham (HOCH2)3CNH2 and Have people Get there 3 shot’s Than after that let there Own Natural Immune systems adapt from then on ? I wouldn’t get any more shots !..Unless there is a Dramatic mutation New cause for dramatic concern ..? All this information I have provided is just my opinion, A person after 3 shots should let there natural immune system adapt with 3 shot tool Box in your system…

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