WATCH: McEnany Goes Off On Kamala Harris; “Vacationing While The World Crumbles!”

As we told you yesterday, Kamala Harris is now starring in a brand new YouTube series called “Get Curious with Kamala Harris”, which is about space exploration for kids. This tells us she’s basically “given up” on trying to solve the border crisis.

She has also been seen vacationing, attending ball games, and just living the good life. Not a care in the world! Must be nice.

However, Kayleigh McEnany had some sharp words for her during a brand new Fox News segment.

“Yeah, Get Curious with Kamala Harris! Boy am I curious. I’m curious about the border. NBC reporting that they knew the Haitian migrants were coming in July and they did nothing about it. S I’m curious, where were you Kamala?” McEnany asked.

“I’m curious, you were the last person in the room with Joe Biden ahead of the devastating Afghanistan withdrawal,” she added.

“You know that she fled to Palm Springs for a private family matter. I want to know why you’re vacationing as the world crumbles?!” she concluded.

Watch the entire rant below:

In case you missed it, here’s more on Kamala’s new YouTube special…

According to Deadline, “Get Curious follows a group of kids as they meet Vice President Kamala Harris, go on a scavenger hunt with clues delivered by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough from the International Space Station, and get exclusive access to the United States Naval Observatory which is Harris’ official residence as VP”

Watch the cringeworthy trailer here:

Who else misses Kayleigh McEnany? Comment below…

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