Video Shows Migrant Youths Abusing a Fish

Police in Belgium are looking for a group of migrant-background youths who filmed themselves abusing a fish at a water park near Ghent.

Some cultures are better than others.

A clip of the animal abuse which was posted on TikTok shows the youths throwing the large carp up in the air before pushing it down a water slide.

The incident took place this past weekend at a recreational venue in Blaarmeersen near Ghent. Most of the individuals shown in the video appear to be of North African or Middle Eastern appearance.

Police are now looking for the culprits after numerous complaints about “animal abuse” were made by the public.

“On Saturday, a number of altercations and disorderly behavior led the police to shut down the recreation area at 3:30 p.m,” reports Remix News.

“According to the ACV police union, lifeguards had to take refuge in a nearby tower after being attacked by visitors when they decided to close one of the slides due to a lack of staff for supervision.”

The hot weather in Europe also led to a number of other altercations at outdoor swimming pools, including in Berlin where groups of migrant men were seen involved in a huge brawl.

As we previously highlighted, The most popular name for newborn babies in the Belgian capital of Brussels is Mohamed, with Islamic names making up 43 per cent of total registrations in the Belgian city.

Leftists leader Conner Rousseau caused controversy back in April when he spoke about driving through Molenbeek, a diverse area of Brussels which has turned into a notorious Islamic ghetto.

“When I drive through Molenbeek, I don’t feel like I’m in Belgium,” said Rousseau.

Migrant-background youths previously staged a riot in Anderlecht, Belgium during which they trashed police vehicles and fired guns despite the city being under a COVID-19 lockdown.

As we previously highlighted, towns around Lake Garda in Italy suffered a “day of war” earlier this month after a group of 2,000 migrant youths went on a rampage which saw women sexually assaulted, tourists robbed and shops smashed up.


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