USA 3, BLM 0

Our blessings are many on this Thanksgiving Day. Today is a good day for all of America to thank the Lord that the British settled here and founded our judicial system because there is none better in the world.

In the past week, that system has proved itself in Wisconsin, Florida, and Georgia as justice won the day in three murder trials in which a defendant claimed self-defense.

The most-publicized case was the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two attackers and wounded a third during the Kenosha Riots of 2020. He was stomped, struck in the head with a skateboard twice, and finally had a gun pulled on him. Clearly, this was a matter of self-defense.

All three of his assailants (and there were many others in the mob that swarmed him) were convicted felons. The media lied about the circumstances as reporters followed the narrative scripted by Democrats to gin up black votes before the election.

No sooner was Rittenhouse’s innocence declared in court when the BLM and media demanded, what if he were black?

He would get the same treatment because on the same day, a jury in Florida found a black man innocent because he shot in self-defense.

WEAR-TV reported, “Jurors found Andrew Coffee IV not guilty on charges of felony murder and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, on Friday, determining he acted in self-defense when firing at deputies during a SWAT raid in 2017.

“When the gunfire ended, Coffee’s girlfriend, 21-year-old Alteria Woods, was found dead. She had been caught in the crossfire, shot 10 times by deputies.

“The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office called the verdict disappointing but maintains its deputies acted appropriately during the raid.”

So much for the mindless speculation of the mindless media and other mindless supporters of BLM.

Then there were the three white men who claimed self-defense when a black man they were stalking grabbed their gun.

On Wednesday, CBS reported, “A jury has returned guilty verdicts against all three defendants in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia. Travis McMichael, who fired the fatal shots, was convicted on all counts, including the charge of malice murder. His father Gregory McMichael and neighbor William ‘Roddie’ Bryan were convicted of felony murder and other charges.

“Arbery, a 25-year-old black man, was shot to death while jogging in the neighborhood in February 2020. Cellphone video showed the men chasing Arbery and cornering him with their pickup trucks before a scuffle that ended with Travis McMichael shooting Arbery at close range with a shotgun.”

Justice persevered.

Let us review these three trials.

All five men were presumed innocent in the eyes of the law. All five men were represented by lawyers. In these trials, prosecutors had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the men murdered the people they killed.

In each case, prosecutors had to prove intent. They failed in the Rittenhouse and Coffee cases because the men were defending themselves. In the case of the two McMichaels and Bryan, prosecutors proved intent and the men face the death penalty.

Our justice system is a beautiful one that the communist black nationalists running BLM want to destroy. They would replace it with a mob justice in which misinformation in the media would decide a man’s fate.

No thank you.

How odd that people who still bring up lynchings from nearly a century ago would revive it in a minute if they thought they could get away with it.


Australia’s Andrew Bolt of Sky News had an outstanding summary of the Rittenhouse and Sandmann cases (ABC in the clip refers to the Australian Broadcasting Company, his rival).

Well worth the 15 minutes to view.

Read the full post at Don Surber Blogspot.

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