Unhinged Mom Compares Unmasked Kids to “Loaded Firearms” [Video]

Thanks to the leftist media, there are frightened people out there who are angry and unhinged. School children are the latest target of the unhinged pro-max and pro-mask crowd who want everyone to be vaccinated and masked. We are still a free country and parents should make decisions affecting the health and well-being of their children.

Watch a mom from Richardson, Texas compare unmasked children to “loaded firearms” and bioweapons. She’s so illogical that she probably thinks every car should be forbidden because there is a risk to passengers and bystanders.

Mom compares unmasked children to “deadly biological weapons, loaded firearms, and homicide”

This is the result of the intentional fear mongering and watching too much CNN

When women like this are trying to take control of our children, it’s time to step up and push back.

Read the full post at 100 Percent Fed Up.

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