The International Monetary Fund (IMF) deemed the United States’ economy as the world’s largest in 2021, producing an estimated $22.94 trillion or 24.4% of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  The number is especially impressive when considering the population of the United States is just over 333 million and it has a per capita GDP of roughly $68,700.Many public policy concerns While many public policy issues are greatly concerning – from COVID-19 to the crisis at our southern border to education gaps relative to our ability to compete economically – in our opinion, the following three are paramount for the U.S. Congress and Biden Administration.    1. The shrinking influence of the United States and North America In 1960, North American total global GDP was $597.42 billion or 43.7%, with the U.S. contributing $543 billion or just under 40 percent of the total global GDP of $1.367 trillion (China’s 1960 global GDP by comparison was $5 …

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