Some of the most excitement was triggered by the appearance of Roger Stone, the flamboyant political consultant who worked for four presidents.

Stone was pardoned by Trump after he was convicted on charges of lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstruction related to the 2016 presidential campaign.

He cited a recent report that some conservatives argue prove the Democratic Party spied on Trump when he was a candidate and president.

“This makes Watergate look like small potatoes,” he said. “They called us conspiracy theorists, but no, we’re conspiracy realists. They called me a ‘dirty trickster,’ but claims of Russian collusion was the greatest dirty trick of all time.”

Stone told the crowd he has became a Christian.

“It’s only through the grace of God’s people praying for and supporting my wife and I that I’m able to stand here with you,” he said. 

He elicited gasps when he stated that the White House is under a cloud that appeared after Joe Biden was elected.

“It’s a demonic portal,” he said. “Only prayer will make that portal close.

Stone lauded Flynn, saying that men like him are the nation’s only hope.

“I’m tired of hearing Gen. Flynn 

described as anything but an American hero,” he said to cheers.

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