Poll: Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem is Poised to BLOW OUT Uni-Party Beau Lane in GOP Primary

Last Updated on August 1, 2022

Mark Finchem, the Trump-endorsed candidate to be Arizona’s next Secretary of State, looks poised to blow out uni-party candidate Beau Lane on the eve of the state’s GOP primary, with Finchem boasting big leads in the polls as well as the online betting markets often known to predict race results better than traditional polling data.

Trump-endorsed Arizona State Rep. and election integrity hawk Mark Finchem, who helped spearhead the historic Arizona Audit, holds a major lead over Doug Ducey-backed uni-party candidate Beau Lane going into the GOP’s Primary Day. Both men are vying to be Arizona’s next Secretary of State, a position currently held by far-left Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Polls from multiple outfits reflect Finchem’s commanding lead over Lane, as well as the rest of the field. The 4-person race has mostly whittled down to a 2-man contest, with Finchem representing the pro-Trump, America First wing of the grassroots GOP, and Lane representing Arizona’s notorious uni-party establishment.

Arizona: Uni-Party Republican Beau Lane Donates to Democrats, Opposes Election Integrity

According to the Arizona Public Opinion Pulse poll, Finchem leads Lane going into Tuesday by a whopping 21 points. That margin is even bigger than the lead Finchem boasted at the start of July, having gained an 18-point advantage over the course of just one month.

Finchem leads as well in a poll conducted by nationally-renowned outfit Rasmussen, boasting a double-digit lead under that metric as well.

Rasmussen Poll has Finchem leading by double digits for AZ SOS,” a Tweet from Finchem’s account reads, above the results – “Mark Finchem: 27%, Democrat Plant Beau Lane: 16%.”

In addition to walloping Beau Lane in the polls, Mark Finchem is dominating the betting markets often known to predict races more accurately than age-old polling practices. According to the PredictIt markets, where users can purchase “shares” of candidacy to project the winner, Finchem has an 84% chance of taking the GOP nomination on Tuesday.

“Let’s keep pushing all the way until Tuesday,” Finchem tweeted, including a screenshot of the poll results. “Finchem will stop the fraud and is endorsed by Trump.”


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