They’re baaaaa-aaaaack. The Clintons have begun to use Joe Biden’s meltdown to press their way back to relevance, Politico’s Playbook reports this morning, although this time it’s the Big Dog that’s barking … quietly, for now. The quiet might not last too long, though:CAN THE CLINTONS CLAW BACK TO RELEVANCE? — With the Democratic Party on course for a devastating midterm election and party elder statesmen stepping in to help, people close to BILL and HILLARY CLINTON said the former first couple sees it as an opportunity to insert themselves back into political life.
The intra-party divisions have given them a chance to flex their centrist, dealmaking brand of politics as a way to move the party forward.
Wait — wasn’t that Joe Biden’s pitch to voters in 2020? That he could bring a centrist, deal-making approach to curtail the hyper-partisanship of the Donald Trump era? Wi …

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