Oakland Stores Being Ransacked By Hordes Of Looters [VIDEOS]

The results of the constant push from the Black Lives Matter movement and even the Democrats to “Defund the Police” are starting to boil over. 

In the last few months, numerous videos have gone viral showing thieves casually robbing retail stores of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

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And thanks to the attack on the police force, there are few officers around to stop them. The surge in crime has gotten so bad that the Democrats tried to walk back, claiming they never supported defunding the police. Now, it appears the robbers are setting their eyes beyond fancy handbags and shoes as they recently robbed an Oakland pharmacy. 

In the video featured below, a horde of thieves bombard an Oakland pharmacy and help themselves to whatever medicines catch their eye. Shocking, the thieves don’t even seem worried or scared about what they are doing. Instead, they move quickly, and while there are over a dozen of them, it takes no longer than a few minutes for their shopping spree to be over. 

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In a separate incident, the cannabis dispensary Blunts & More was also hit.

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