NYT: Freedom is bad for you

I have learned the when the New York Times is amused by a fringe idea, America is about to suffer another cultural catastrophe. This is how you get transgender rights and reparations, folks. NYT influences the influencers with its seemingly off-the-wall stories.

The bad news is it posted online, “Let’s Talk About the Anxiety Freedom Can Cause.”

The story said, “Maggie Nelson is a poet, critic and cultural theorist whose work includes the award-winning 2016 book ‘The Argonauts.’ Her newest work, ‘On Freedom,’ pierces right into the heart of America’s founding idea: What if there’s no such thing as freedom, at least not freedom as a state of enduring liberation?

“And more than that: What if we don’t want to be free? Perhaps that’s the great lie in the American dream: We’re taught to want freedom, but many of us recoil from its touch.

“Nelson describes herself as a ‘disobedient thinker,’ someone who enjoys looking at ‘the difficulty of difficult things,’ and this conversation bears that out. We talk about when and whether freedom is hard to bear, the difference between a state of liberation and the daily practice of freedom, the hard conversations sexual liberation demands, what it means to live in koans, my problems with ‘The Giving Tree,’ Nelson’s disagreements with the left, the difficulty of maintaining your own experience of art in an age when the entire internet wants to tell you how to feel about everything, and more.”

But Nelson is not a disobedient thinker.

She is not challenging the climate change orthodoxy. She is not raising the possibility that an election flooded with mail-in ballots might not be on the up-and-up. She is not questioning why we have to wear masks even when vaccinated.

Disobedient thinkers get banned by Twitter.

Disobedient thinkers lose their jobs.

Disobedient thinkers get targeted as domestic terrorists by the Biden regime.

Harbingers of the New World Order get space in the New York Times because freedom is bad for your health. Freedom causes anxiety among you yokels. Freedom should come with a surgeon general’s warning.

In a way she is correct. I mean, look at all the bad things that the New York Times and its readers do to disobedient thinkers.

But freedom comes from God. If it comes with anxiety, well, children also are a gift from God and look at all the trouble they are at times.


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