Man Receives One-Year Ban For Violating Mask Policy At School Board Meeting

A man in Rochester, Minnesota has been banned from the school district’s property for one year because he did not wear a suffocating facemask to a school board meeting. This case illustrates one example of how the political class tries to suppress the free speech of parents who are increasingly alarmed about the total left-wing takeover of public education. Post Bulletin captured the encounter with the Face Freedom-supporting man around the -18:45 mark in their livestream. The man described himself as being “medically exempt” from the mask tyranny.

The left-wing demonization of concerned parents is in full swing. While interviewing Merrick Garland at a recent Senate hearing, Democrat Cory Booker described parents opposed to Critical Race Theory as people who find the teaching of racial discrimination to be “repugnant” to them — a wildly biased characterization from Booker.

Read the full post at National File.

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