Kirkmeyer, Caraveo Vie in Colorado’s New 8th Congressional District

On June 28, Colorado voters took to the polls during the state’s primary election to choose a candidate for Colorado’s newly created 8th Congressional District. Republicans chose state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer as their candidate, and Democrats chose state Rep. Yadira Caraveo as their nominee.
Kirkmeyer topped three other Republican contenders, receiving 40.9 percent of the vote; her closest opponent, Jan Kulmann, received 22.7 percent. During the primary campaign, Kirkmeyer’s campaign raised $337,756, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), placing her second to last regarding campaign contributions.
Caraveo, who ran unopposed, raised more than $847,012, according to the FEC.
Nationwide, if Republicans are to gain the majority in the House, they’ll need to flip a net of five seats, and Colorado’s newest congressional district is a true toss-up. As such, the race for the 8th Congressional District could help decide who controls Congress following the November election….

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