Popular podcast host Joe Rogan accused CNN of “yellow journalism” and “fake news” after posting a side-by-side video of his COVID announcement with the network’s version, which appears to be in a different color.
The video, posted to Instagram, shows video of Rogan’s announcement that he was treated for COVID on Instagram running simultaneously with CNN’s broadcast of the same video.

CNN’s version appears to be a much darker color, making Rogan seem more sickly.
CNN has denied the charge, and “fact-checkers” have declared Rogan’s claim to be false.
Rogan simply captioned the post “Yellow Journalism” and added the hashtag ‘#fakenews.’

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Joe Rogan: CNN Is Fake News

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Indeed, CNN’s video clip of Joe Rogan posted on their own site shows a discolored version of the announcement video.
In his Instagram video making the announcement back in September, Rogan appears in a more brightly lit setting.
“Turns out I got COVID. So we immediately threw the kitchen sink at it,” Rogan said in the video. “Monoclonal a …

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