EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Police Officers Were Investigated, Some Found Guilty of Being Friendly to Jan. 6 Protesters

Despite the mounting evidence continuously exposed by The Epoch Times that some law enforcement officers engaged in brutal, unprovoked attacks against essentially peaceful Jan. 6 protesters, every one of them has been cleared of wrongdoing. However, several documents obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times show other officers were investigated for being friendly with protesters, six of whom were found guilty and disciplined for their actions.
According to a Sept. 12, 2021, news report, the U.S. Capitol Police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) launched 38 internal investigations related to police conduct on Jan. 6, 2021. Many of the investigations were prompted by anonymous tips after USCP personnel were encouraged to “report any misconduct by USCP employees.”…

Read the full post at The Epoch Times.

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