EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Caught Paying Off Hospital Staff for COVID VAX Reviews

We were sent this from an influencer who received this today. After all the recent firings of medical professionals for refusing to get vaccinated from the dangerous COVID-19 vaccine, it appears there is now a push to use communist style fake reviews to push the vaccine even further.

If the vaccine was so great they wouldn’t have to pay people to rave about it. This is a serious issue and shows how deceitful big pharma and the Biden admin are being.


Paid Social Media Partnership — COVID-19 Vaccine

Hi there!

My name is Eben Vorster, and I’m a Digital Relational Organizer with a company called Main Street One. I am reaching out to you to share a possible content partnership opportunity! This is a paid Instagram partnership for one post.

For this campaign, we are looking for healthcare professionals who would like to address the topic of vaccine hesitancy with their social media audience. We want to hear from you about what the COVID vaccine means to you and why you’re tackling vaccine misinformation in this crucial vaccine rollout period. Once we hear from you, we’ll follow up with more details on how you can participate and get rewarded for using your voice!

If you are interested, please respond to this email by the end of the day today.

If you are super interested, please fill out this form:

Ad Council Campaign


Eben Vorster

Digital Relational Organizer

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