Do Not Take Aspirin!

Early on in this pandemic the Scientists along with their media entourage warned against the use of Aspirin. With COVID-19 presenting with severe respiratory illness at the time it was a wise decision to do so. During the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, Aspirin was the leading cause of death and many perished with many perishing from severe Aspirin-induced Pneumonia.

COVID-19 is a different disease altogether; those infected and those vaccinated are producing spike proteins that enter circulation and damage the vascular endothelial walls causing severe inflammation and clotting.

Now we have the NWO media pushing Aspirin as a prophylactic for clotting and inflammation. They are purposely overlooking the main problem associated with spike protein toxicity; endothelial wall damage causing leaks in the blood vessel. Introducing any drug or nutraceutical that causes blood thinning, like Aspirin or Ivermectin, will result in blood pooling in limbs and hemorrhaging from the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Sounds a lot like Marburg doesn’t it?

Oddly enough the WHO is also warning that Marburg may be the next pandemic:

Is it really Marburg? CIN predicted in August 2021 that the WHO and Gates Foundation were conspiring to introduce a fake Marburg Pandemic so more “Sheeple” would run to get another vaccine designed to treat Marburg. Brace yourselves because this next wave will be ugly!


For those of you in doubt, we now have a “Marburg-like” patient showing up in the UK. Incidentally, the vaccination rate in the UK is close to 93 percent. And the new Gates-inspired Marburg vaccine has Ricin in it!

This article pushing the Aspirin narrative was promoted by 29 different news outlets online and there were several others. All with the exact same article in what appeared to be a frenzy to push Aspirin on the general population. Don’t be fooled. Aspirin is toxic in COVID-19 patients and those vaccinated.

This exact same article was published and promoted by 20 separate news outlets:

Of course, Chinese State Media news platform The Epoch Times also lend a hand to the Aspirin narrative:

Now, let’s count with “Count von Count:”

Read the full post at Civilian Intelligence Network.

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