DeSantis: Doctors Who Perform Transgender Surgeries on Children Should ‘Get Sued’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week called for lawsuits against doctors who perform transgender operations.
“They don’t tell you what that is—they are actually giving very young girls double mastectomies, they want to castrate these young boys,” DeSantis said at an event in Florida on Wednesday, referring to such procedures. “Both from the health and children wellbeing perspective, you don’t disfigure 10, 12, 13-year-old kids based on gender dysphoria, 80 percent of it resolves anyways by the time they get older. So why would you be doing this?”
“I think these doctors need to get sued for what’s happening,” DeSantis said in conclusion. He didn’t say whether his administration would be taking steps to make it easier for individuals to file lawsuits against the doctors….

Read the full post at The Epoch Times.

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