Democrats Denied on 2nd Attempt to Include Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Through Reconciliation

Since the beginning of September, Senate Democrats have been trying to convince the Senate’s nonpartisan referee, the parliamentarian, to allow them to include amnesty for illegal aliens in their reconciliation bill. The parliamentarian shot down the first effort in mid-September; on Wednesday, Democrats were disappointed again after the parliamentarian denied their second push. The blessing of the current parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, will be necessary because of the peculiar track Democrats are using in the hopes of passing their $3.5 trillion budget that has not received any Republican support. Specifically, they are using the reconciliation process, a parliamentary procedure added to the Senate’s rule in the early 1970s. The process allows some types of budget bills to pass through the deliberative upper chamber with only a simple majority, bypassing filibuster by opponents altogether. Ultimately, what is allowed under this process is up to MacDonough, whose job it is to protect the rights …

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