Democratic Field Thins in Wisconsin US Senate Primary, Consolidates Behind Barnes

Three candidates have dropped out ahead of Wisconsin’s Democratic U.S. Senate primary on Aug. 9 as the party appears to be consolidating support behind Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.
State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski’s decision to withdraw from the race on July 29 came after Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson dropped out on July 25 and Barnes’s top rival, Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry, followed suit on July 27. Godlewski and Nelson had been trailing Barnes and Lasry by double digits in public polling.
The exits may have removed the toughest competition facing Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, an analyst told The Epoch Times. Johnson, a two-term incumbent and close ally of Donald Trump, is expected to advance past his primary challenger to the Nov. 8 general election….

Read the full post at The Epoch Times.

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