Delingpole: Australian army puts COVID ‘close contacts’ into quarantine camps

(BREITBART) – Quarantine camps for the unvaccinated. What for months has been dismissed as an idle conspiracy theory is now coming horribly true in Australia’s Northern Territory under the region’s tinpot dictator Michael Gunner.

Gunner, the Northern Territory Chief Minister, has proudly boasted that 38 ‘close contacts’ of positive Covid cases have been transferred to quarantine camps in army trucks. Australia’s Northern Territory already had some of the strictest lockdown laws in the English-speaking world. The five allowable reasons for leaving your home are: buying food; exercising for up to two hours; caregiving; work; education.

This latest move by Gunner, of Australia’s left-wing Labor party, represents a rapid escalation of bio-security totalitarianism. The people being targeted are indigenous Australians (otherwise known as Aborigines), an ethnic group which has been especially reluctant to take the Covid vaccine.

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