Fox News host Dan Bongino told viewers Saturday night that the “clock’s ticking” on the Democrats’ power, saying it’s “easy to predict what will happen by how unhinged they get.“DAN BONGINO: It’s a new year, folks, and we have a new crisis, and that means new focus group–tested liberal talking points. It’s all they’ve got. And if all you do is view leftist media, you might think democracy is in serious danger of collapsing.… Here’s the deal: When Democrats lose something, democracy is falling apart, and they’re like the Praetorian Guards of democracy. It’s their Hail Mary when they can’t argue the issues anymore, which is pretty much every day. Truth is, Democrats see the writing on the wall in 2022, and I know you do too.…The clock’s ticking on the Democrats’ power. Believe me, they know it. People are starting to figure out what us conservatives knew a long time ago. …

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