CNN’s K‑File unearthed an old radio interview House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R‑CA) gave to a local California station days after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, in which McCarthy calls for a bipartisan investigation into the attack and says former President Donald Trump admitted to him that he bears some responsibility for the attack.
CNN’s Melanie Zanona noted the interview’s particular relevance on Friday, just a day after McCarthy sparred with a CNN reporter about his previous statements regarding Jan. 6.
“This is a dramatically different Kevin McCarthy than what we heard recently, just yesterday he was at a press conference and he was trying to play revisionist history or saying he doesn’t recall or remember some of the conversations,” Zanona noted, “but we have the receipts.”
When asked a question by CNN’s Manu Raju Thursday about previous statements in which he said he “opposed a select committee” to investigate, but was also “willing to testify” about Jan. 6, McCarthy interrupted, saying, “That’s not tr …

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