BREAKING: Wisconsin county judge rules against ballot drop boxes

A Wisconsin county judge ruled Thursday that absentee ballot boxes are not allowed under state law.Circuit Court Judge Michael Bohren ruled that under state law there is no authorization for drop boxes and ordered the Wisconsin Election Commission to rescind its guidance on how to use drop boxes, according to NPR.“In looking at the statutes, there is no specific authorization for drop boxes,” Bohren said.Judge Bohren ruled in favor of Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) and their lawsuit against the state’s election commission.Ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election, the Wisconsin Elections Commission issued guidance for clerks instructing them to collect absentee ballots through drop boxes. The commission said this was implemented because more residents voted absentee due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to NPR.Assistant Attorney General Stephen Kilpatrick, the attorney for WEC, argued that the documents are supposed to be used as advice or “guidance” to local clerks, not as an order, who run elections.“These memos are guidance documents because they guide local election officials,” Kilpatrick said. “They do not order them to do anything.“WILL attorney Luke Berg argued that there is no written law in …

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