Bill to Kill ‘Zombie Federal Programs’ is a ‘No-Brainer’: Sen. Joni Ernst

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) says there are far too many failed federal programs that should have been killed long ago, and adopting her proposal to make sure they are in the future should be a “no-brainer for Congress.” The Iowa Republican told reporters during a Thursday news conference that she is naming Congress as the recipient of her latest Squeal Award “because we have a Zombie Apocalypse here in Washington, D.C., as we have found that there are so many taxpayer dollars that have been buried in government programs that we’re not utilizing. So we want to bury these Zombie programs for good.” Ernst pointed to three examples of federal programs that were established for specific purposes, given substantial appropriations of tax dollars to carry out those purposes and then simply lay dormant without returning the funds to the Treasury to be spent where needed. “The U.S. Enrichment Corporation Fund …

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