Biden’s Energy Secretary Absurdly Says Free College, Eldercare Are “Infrastructure” [Video]

Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm wants Americans to believe that free college and eldercare are “infrastructure.” She says it’s the “infrastructure of our lives.”

Does anyone believe that bridges and roads compare in any way to free college or eldercare?

Listen below as Granholm desperately tries to sell the lie: “The infrastructure of our lives…”


Granholm’s was a disaster as governor of Michigan:

Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is a legend in the state of Michigan but not for anything positive she did as governor of the state. She singlehandedly took down Michigan with her leftist policies that went nowhere. Now, she’s back in the business of taking federal dollars and literally burning them with her continued efforts at green energy. Her track record while in office in Michigan was a disaster because several of the green energy companies she funneled millions in federal money to went belly up. One of the companies Granholm pushed was Mas-Tech, a Nevada-based company selling “residential windmills” that eventually went belly up after receiving millions in federal dollars and producing no green jobs..

Another Granholm green energy failure was Energetx Composites, another government-subsidized alternative energy.

According to Michigan Cap Con, Energetx received a $3.5 million grant from the U.S. Energy Department’s State Energy Program to produce utility-scale wind turbines. Energetx filed for bankruptcy just three years later after receiving over $7 million in state AND federal funding for being a green energy company.

Granholm bragged in a 2010 press release:“Energetx’s products have the potential to revolutionize the way that wind turbine blades are manufactured, helping position Michigan as the center in North America for advanced green manufacturing.”

These are just two of the numerous failed green energy boondoggles Granholm was involved in. The big question should be why anyone would appoint this terrible manager of federal funds to ANY job in the Biden administration….Political payback?


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