Biden Admin Spends $5 Billion on EV Charging Stations, No Help on Gas Prices

This sort of feels like a giant money-laundering scheme a.k.a. crony capitalism–a way of enriching his friends or perhaps it is a way of depleting his enemy’s economic stability so it is easier to beat us; whichever it is, this power grab definitely feels like Democrat Joe Biden is at war with the American people.

From the border invasion and the massive funneling of money into government programs to assist foreign nations to come to loot the United States-to driving up the cost of living to a rate that is almost impossible to keep up with, to giving public money away as fast as possible in other useless government-funded programs- all while Americans are suffering- is strange behavior for a US President.

If the story about the rising cost of living and inflation is painful, wait until you hear how Democrat Joe Biden is throwing away America’s resources for the romantic idea of a US filled with little electric cars- sort of like the Jetsons- but not so cute.

Watch as Biden is -hand over fist- giving our money away for electric cars that no one has.

And remember this- if we don’t have the electric grid for computers and air conditioners- how do we have it for electric cars that no one owns?

Perhaps Biden is trying to crash the electric grid? Who knows? It would surely put a damper on American life- if our electric grid crashed. Think about it.

The Biden administration, pretending it is necessary for ‘clean energy so children can breathe better’, is focused on the transportation problems of electric vehicles (EVs), which they insist is the way of the future in Build Back Better.

The bottom line is the left is obsessed with the scarcity of charging stations in many areas, even though the vast majority of Americans do not have electric cars.

The Democrats are insistent that charging is more important than tackling record-high gas prices.

The Epoch Times reported on the silliness of the left recently:

“California has 13,452 EV charging stations, the most of any state, while Alaska has the fewest—just 48—followed by North Dakota with 57, South Dakota with 59, and Wyoming with 62, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.”

And here is the rub, check out how much money the government is willing to spend on this useless technology:

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is set to spend big to fund more EV charging stations. Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, $5 billion has been allocated for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula program, with $1 billion being disbursed annually over the next five years.

The money will be split among states and must be used for projects directly related to charging vehicles at facilities that will be open to the public.

The goal is to build a network of EV charging stations along with the interstate highway system on the “alternative fuel corridors” that most states have identified in recent years, which resembles a massive utopian fantasy.

The Epoch Times goes on to say:

“Before the states see any money, the state governments must describe how they intend to use the funds by submitting an “EV infrastructure deployment plan” by Aug. 1, 2022, to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), which administers the funding. The administration must approve the plan.

States are working on plans now and seeking public input on the local placement of charging stations.

EV infrastructure deployment plans will be assessed on several factors, including the distance between publicly available electric vehicle charging stations; connections to the electric grid, including electric distribution upgrades; vehicle-to-grid integration; and plans for the use of renewable energy sources to power charging and energy storage, according to an FHA fact sheet.”

And just like THAT – we find out that Buttigieg- acting like a Communist Commissar- radical far-leftist Pete Buttigieg will have special powers to pick ‘winners and losers’ in who gets the resources:

“Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg may withhold or withdraw funding from a state if it fails to submit its plan in time or if the state has not taken action to carry out its plan. In that case, the money could be given to other states,” Epoch reported

And the Democrats have a focus on ‘equity’ concerns, which furthers their elevations of special classes of Americans- whom they have single handily picked:

“The DOT has encouraged states to consider equity concerns that might arise with the installation of electric vehicle supply equipment,” Epoch reported.

During project planning, states should “consider how benefits and burdens vary for and are distributed across specific populations, including users of differing race, ethnicity, gender, physical and cognitive ability, age, education, income level and language,” the DOT says on its website.

And by the way- that is not all the government is giving away to their special friends:

The second round of funding, $2.5 billion in competitive grants, will be announced by the DOT later in 2022, according to the White House. These grants will be geared toward EV charging access in rural and underserved communities.

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