MSNBC gotta MSNBC, I suppose, but this seems especially egregious in converting the media space into the government-propaganda space. Symone Sanders, who worked as a spokesperson for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign before signing on as VP Kamala Harris’ comms director, will now get her own show on the progressive cable net, according to Politico, but also on NBC’s Peacock platform:Vice President Kamala Harris’ former top spokesperson has only been off the job for less than two weeks, but already she’s got her next major gig lined up.
MSNBC announced on Monday that former press secretary Symone Sanders is joining the network as the host of both a weekend program and a show airing on NBC’s streaming platform Peacock. Both shows are slated to launch later this spring. The network said further details, including the show name, premier date and time slot, will be announced in the coming months.
Po …

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