Arizona: Trump-Endorsed Wendy Rogers CRUSHES Establishment-Backed Opponent in GOP Primary Race

Last Updated on August 3, 2022

Trump-endorsed Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers secured the GOP nomination for re-election in Arizona’s newly-drawn 7th Legislative District, vanquishing fellow incumbent Kelly Townsend who turned on the America First movement after failing to secure the coveted endorsement of 45th President Trump.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers defeated fellow GOP State Senator Kelly Townsend by a whopping 18-point margin when Arizonans went to the polls yesterday, flexing the muscles of the Trump endorsement against her establishment-backed opponent.

“I am so grateful to all of you,” Rogers posted to Twitter in announcing her big win. “With over $132k in swamp lobbyist PAC money spent against me, we won big,” she went on, reporting that she defeated Townsend in every county included in the 7th Legislative District.

“This means that The People want secure borders, secure elections, law and order, parental rights, gun rights, and their water and forests taken care of,” Rogers went on to say of the race’s results. “It also means they support free speech and want me to be their voice!”

“The ‘sweet grandma’ is going back in to fight for you,” Rogers vowed, thanking voters and signing off with a statement of “America First.”

Wendy Rogers’ big win in the 7th Legislative District GOP Primary came on the same day that Trump-endorsed candidates won big across the state, sweeping statewide GOP Primaries against establishment-backed opponents, many of whom also enjoyed the financial assistance of Democrats and dark money PACs.

Kelly Townsend, who was resoundingly defeated by Wendy Rogers, formerly identified herself as an America First conservative before failing to secure the coveted endorsement of 45th President Trump and turning on the MAGA movement.

As the GOP Primary race played out, it was revealed that Townsend was linked to the Soros-funded constitutional convention movement, which seeks to re-write America’s Constitution, and had also supported Soros-backed “national popular vote” legislation, designed to destroy the Electoral College.

Though outside money was dumped into the race on the side of Townsend, it wasn’t enough to brush back Wendy Rogers.

After her convincing victory in the GOP primary, Senator Wendy Rogers will go on to face Democrat nominee Kyle Nitschke in the November general election.

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