They don’t even hide their intentions anymore.
As inflation continues to climb to record highs Joe Biden on Friday commented on the rise in car prices. Joe actually said if car prices are high, then one way to reduce the demand for cars was “to make Americans poorer.”
It’s the Democrat way!

And people actually listen to this nonsense.

Trump wants to Make America Great Again.
Biden wants to Make Americans Poorer.

Via Conservative Treehouse:

Joe Biden – […] “I’m not an economist, but I’ve been doing this a long time.  But here’s the way to look at it.  If car prices are too high right now, there are two solutions: You increase the supply of cars by making more of them, or you reduce demand for cars by making Americans poorer.  That’s the choice.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of people in the second camp.  You’ll hear them complain that wages are rising too fast among the very middle-class and working-class people who have endured decades of stalled incomes.

Their view of the economy says the only solution to our current and future challenges is to make the working families that are the backbone in our country poorer or keep them in the state they’re in.” (link)

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