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300 Complaints? Top Pelosi Ally in Hot Water After Failing to Disclose

An ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been hit with ethics complaints filed against by an independent outside watchdog group along with six other lawmakers. The four Democrats and…



TikTok Censors Viral Testimony from Vaccine-Injured Student Athlete After 4.5M Views

Tennessee State University senior John Stokes documented myocarditis diagnosis from hospital four days after 2nd Pfizer dose. Read the full post at Infowars.

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Facebook Blocks Aussie Orange Vests From Livestreaming Protests

An Orange Vest demonstrator in Australia claims Facebook is deliberately preventing activists from livestreaming protests. Melbourne has been rocked with unrest all week after a construction workers union demanded that…

Video: Johnny Depp Calls For People To “Stand Up” Against Cancel Culture

Film star Johnny Depp slammed cancel culture this week, urging people to “stand up” against those who seek to destroy the lives of others with an “instant rush to judgement”.…


The ‘Russia Hoax’: It all began with Hillary

You might call it, “The revenge of John Durham.” It’s a little late. It took a little long to prove. But here it is, finally, in late 2021 – one…


EXC: Fauci Authored Article For Wuhan Lab Collaborator Peter Daszak.

Despite Anthony Fauci’s attempts to distance his agency from EcoHealth Alliance, the Peter Daszak-led group collaborating on coronavirus research with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, The National Pulse can reveal…

Chinese Reporter Demands ‘Iron Fist’ Against ‘Arrogant Countries’ Challenging China.

In response to Lithuania exchanging diplomatic offices with Taiwan, Chinese television host Tian Liu called for the Chinese Communist Party to confront the European country with an “iron fist.” Liu…


Report: Ivermectin Obliterated 97% Of Covid Cases In Delhi, India

Guest post-Blue State Conservative – On June 1, the Desert Review News reported that Ivermectin had obliterated 97 percent of Covid infections in India’s capitol territory, Delhi (pop. 30 million).…



Hospital Administrator: Lots of People Will Die – Doctors BANNED From HCQ/IVM

Steve is a healthcare administrator, and his wife is a doctor. He has provided “The Stew Peters Show” with a copy of a letter that unequivocally threatens doctors with the…


Daycare teacher caught on video shoving 4-year-old to ground

Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center teacher James Ciolino was fired and slapped with an assault charge for the June 21 incident, in which he knocks the girl to the ground…

Al Sharpton heckled during presser at migrant camp

The Rev. Al Sharpton was forced to cut short a press conference near the migrant encampment at Del Rio, Texas Thursday after he was repeatedly heckled as he tried to…


Taiwan Seeks Entry Into Key Trade Pact Before China, Says Simultaneous Bid “Quite Risky”

Hack Reporter Jen Fifield Posts 7,000 Word Hit Piece on AZ Auditor Doug Logan and Doxxes His Family Before Audit Release

Jan. 6 Committee Issues First Subpoenas for Trump’s Inner Circle — Including Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino & Kash Patel

Time to Yank Your Kids Out of the Public Schools

Unbiased, Mobility-Enabling, Open, Global Network: How Crypto Enables Economic Freedom

BREAKING: House Committee Investigating Jan. 6 Issue Subpoenas for Steve Bannon, Dan Scavino, Kash Patel and Mark Meadows on Night Before AZ Audit Results

School districts are greenlighting COVID-19 vaccine mandates for students ages 12 and older

Pfizer-Connected Doc Admits on Live TV He ‘Accidentally’ Injected Babies with Covid Vaccine at Full Adult Dosage

West Virginia vaccination rates are much lower than state has reported

Foreigners May Replace Unvaccinated Health Care Workers in New York State: Governor

US Meat Prices To Remain Elevated Amid Depleted Reserves

Arrest warrant issued for Brian Laundrie over fraudulent use of Gabby Petito’s debit card after she died

CNN Sounds Alarms on Biden Approval Poll That ‘Should Terrify Democrats Ahead of 2022’

“Ghost Guns”: Why The Government Desperately Wants To Ban 3D-Printed Weapons

The ‘Russia Hoax’: It all began with Hillary

VIDEO: New Yorkers Tear Down LGBT, Vaccine-Themed, ‘Disgusting’ OkCupid Dating App Ads

Daycare teacher caught on video shoving 4-year-old to ground

NEVER FORGET: FOX News Reporter Trey Yingst: “Thousands” of US Green Card Holders Are Stranded in Afghanistan by Joe Biden …(And Democrats Don’t Care)

Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, Dan Scavino, Kash Patel subpoenaed in Jan. 6 probe

300 Complaints? Top Pelosi Ally in Hot Water After Failing to Disclose

Ron DeSantis Purchases Antibody Treatments for Florida After Joe Biden Cuts Shipments

BREAKING: County Supervisor Steve Chucri Leaked Audio: “I’ve Had DEMOCRATS Telling Me They Don’t Have Confidence, They Don’t Like DOMINION – Why In The World Would Governor Ducey Really Say No To Guliani?”

Centralize Liberty: The solution to wicked, woke Tech

Anti-Semitism: Alive and Well on the Left

Donald Trump Rages After Lindsey Graham Backstabs Him

Biden security adviser tied to alleged 2016 scheme to tar Trump

Exclusive — Anthony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky Meeting Raises Question of ‘Outside Influences’ on Federal Vaccine Mandate

Exclusive — Rep. Scott DesJarlais Leads 55 Republican Letter Demanding Action on ‘Lifesaving’ Coronavirus Antibody Treatments

Al Sharpton heckled during presser at migrant camp

Fight Breaks Out On Fox News… Gutfeld Slams Geraldo Rivera

Catholic Vote chief: Feds have ‘no authority’ to tell Americans what to believe

Biden Opposes Amendment to Block Bad Discharges for US Service Members Declining Vaccine

North Carolina Hospital Systems Suspends Nearly 400 Employees for Refusing to Get Covid Vaccine

Facebook starts revealing details of how it censors information

Evergrande Auto Hasn’t Sold A Single Car, But Has Enriched Its Founder And His Friends Plenty

The coming ‘climate crisis’ shakedown of the U.S.

FORUM: Biden administration acts quickly on unsubstantiated allegations against Border Patrol agents (but not so much on the Border Crisis)

Giuliani charges Hunter Biden’s laptop held ‘child porn’

The Hunter Biden cover-up is a scandal

‘Monumental’: Arizona Senate to reveal audit of 2020 election

Heartbreaking Letter from Jan. 6 Prisoner in Solitary Confinement! DC Gitmo Violates International Codes on Torture

The Declaration talks of abolishing bad government — time to do so again?

Porn videos interrupt Louisiana regulator meeting on Hurricane Ida

Despite Biden Efforts to Block Distribution, Governor Ron DeSantis Secures Monoclonal Antibody Treatments for Floridians

Federal government awards Virginia money for affordable housing, airports

Tropical Storm Sam Forms In Atlantic Basin, Expected To Become Major Hurricane This Weekend

MUST SEE: Donald Trump’s Statement on Liz Cheney and George W. Bush

Mayorkas: ‘If It’s 10% or 15%, I Don’t Have the Precise Numbers’ of Haitians Allowed to Stay in U.S., ‘Believe It Is a Very Small Percentage’

Rep. Paul Gosar Issues Letter to Department of Health and Human Services about COVID Vaccine Injury Cover-Up

Manchin Says He and Biden Are ‘Trying to Find a Pathway Forward’ on Budget